Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tour de Tuna!

Hi all,

Back home from Panama. Actually I've been back home for a week now but I haven't had the time to write a report.

First off I'd like to start by saying my hat is off to all you that chase Tuna year after year. That's one hard fishery!

We had a hard week of fishing. Hard winds every night and morning. Cold water and small bait. All this combined made the Tuna stay below the surface most of the time.

The good thing was that the fish were there and it is just a matter of time before things blow up! Some calm, warm days and some bigger baitfish and it's on!

We saw lots of dolphins and lots of Tuna with them. There was also a healthy amount of inshore fish in the waters surrounding the island. The fish were just so passive that it was almost unbelievable.

Well, all and all the trip was an amazing experience. Fishing was tuff as hell and it really tested me as a angler. That week made me look at all the other fishing that I've ever done in a different perspective. Going 30knots after the fish and making a good cast from a boat that hasn't stopped and your almost going overboard was no easy task. I have so much more respect for Tuna chasers after doing this trip that I'm lost for words. Of course if the conditions would have been easier it would have been easier, but still my hat is off to all you Tuna dudes:).

I personally need at least two years before I'm going on a Tuna trip again. Need to do some easy ass river fishing or chill on a flat casting for bluefish or bonefish before I can even think about tuna:)...

A special thanks to my friend Sakke for making this trip happen. Your one Hardcore Tunaman:)!!. Also a big thank you to our guide Pete and good luck on your "film" career... Looking forward seeing episode one...:).

Some pics.

Da beach

Me and Pete having a gay moment...

The camp

Pete caught us some lobster

Bonita, bonita

I need a beer!!!

Burning it up

Blood on the dancefloor


My man Sakke having a beer in Panama city