Sunday, January 14, 2018


The Dream team of Sage rods ready to hit the water at the Harkers Island marina.

I've had the pleasure of fishing with Sage fly rods and reels a lot in the last 4-5 years. I currently own 4 Sages, but have the luxury of trying out most of the SW line up every year when I do my pilgrimage to the fabled waters of Cape Lookout, North Carolina. My buddy and mentor Brian Horsley and he's wife Sarah Gardner are Sage ambassadors and they let me play around with their gear.

The Boss man Brian with a hefty Albie caught on a Sage rod

Sarah with a full grown Albie. Sarah is one of my fly fishing idols. Not only can she fish and cast like a hero, she's also a very good captain that will get you on the fish.
  When it comes to top notch rods, Sage is a company that is very hard to beat. The components used are always the best in the market, blanks are light and responsive and they really make an effort to make rods that will give the angler the most they can hope for in a fly rod. From the very extensive line up of different fly rods they offer, most will find a rod that matches their fishing style perfectly. You do have to pay top dollar for most of the rods in Sage's line up but they offer a great mid price SW rod with their Motive line up. The 12wt Motive for example is one of the best sinking line rods I've ever tested regardless of price.
My buddy Ike putting a bend to the Motive.
To be honest with you there was really no other point making this post other than singing Sage's praises. There's a lot of really good company's in this business and I'm not really a brand guy as I use stuff from many company's like Vision and Echo. That said I feel like Sage is extra special. I'll just end the post with a myriad of picture that feature Sage products. Take a look at the line up here

Doing the Albie dance with a Sage Salt in my hands

Big Albies are easily tamed with the 11wt Method.

Ike posing with a Red while I'm busy putting a big bend on my 13wt Xi2

The 11wt Method is a true cannon. Light as a feather at 4,2oz or 132grams. That makes it lighter then many of my 9weights.
The ten weight Xi3 is in my opinion the best allround ten weight ever made. It has just the right amount of stiffness in it's tip to carry sinking lines and big flies, but still allows enough bend in it's top third to initiate and feel the cast right away.

The SaltHD is the updated version of the Salt series. Even though I kinda liked the old ones, some didn't like the distinct "kick" that you got  from the middle of the rod with the older ones, so they stiffened the mid section a bit on these and made them a bit lighter with the same tech they use on the X series. I had a chance to fish the new 10wt but really don't know if it was at all better then the older models. But that's just me.
I've used the 9wt Motive a lot for top water pike.
Old faithful 13wt Xi2. It throws the same lines as most modern 12wt's. A very reliable rod.