Friday, May 3, 2013

My favorite flies part 3

The Deceiver

The Deceiver is one of those very universal flies that catch fish all over the world in varied fishing situations. If the fish are feeding on baitfish they will most probaply bite on a Deceiver. You can match the hatch or make an pattern that stands out and irritates the fish to take. All and all the Deceiver is a fly of millions of variations and millions of catched fish.

My version of this well known fly is a somewhat a mix of things that I've copied from other versions of it. So nothing all that original in this mishmash copycat Deceiver. Actually there's nothing really original in any of my tying. Just influences from other tyers that I've applied to my own flies. The biggest inspiration and source of knowledge has been my fishing buddy Ilkka who is a master of tying fishy flies with finesse. All though I lack the finesse of Ilkka's flies I am right there with him on the fishy part.

On the Deceiver I like to use hackles that have a stiff(ish) stem, webby look and taper nicely to the tip. Many times I also like to mix in a few long and narrow flatwing style hackle's to get the maximum tail action on the fly. Call me silly, but I really believe that many times it's the action on the tail that let's the fish see the fly and react to it. The bucktail should be a bit hollow in the stem, stiff(ish) at the middle and soft and lively at the tip. Really focus on getting quality materials. You'll have more fun tying these flies and when it hits the water you and the fish will get the "WOW" effect.

Remember to make them in different sizes and colors. Olive and white with some silver flash on the sides is probaply the most universal color and it can be fished almost anywhere in the world.


Hook: Sakuma 410 or almost any other short(ish) shank hook. Match the size to your target fish.
Tail: White bucktail and two cock hackles on both sides of the bucktail. White bucktail beneath the tail and olive on top. Add in some flash.
Body: Pearl Polar chenille
Underwing: White bucktail
Wing: Olive bucktail and peacock herl

Tie the white bucktail by the stem and spread.

Add the cock hackles on both sides.

Put some flash on top or on the sides of the tail.

Add white bucktail beneath the tail and olive on top.

Wrap the Polar chenille as the body.

White bucktail for the underwing. Reversed to get more flare.

Olive on top.

Peacock herl

Epoxy eyes

Finished product from the front

Finished product from the fish perspective.