Friday, June 15, 2012

Turning stones and losing flies...

Hi all and greetings from the lovely Gaula river in Norway.

Had my first try at the premier on Gaula and it was an intresting week... There was the usual ups and downs of atlantic salmon fishing and the fishing was a stricktly sunk line affair.

I was personally a bit "out" because I've never really done this type of heavy duty sinking line fishing before and it was a true learning experience for me. Skagit lines and intermediates with tips we're WAY too light for the flows we fished in so it was sink2/3 to SinkYourAssOff as our go to lines.

It was a real university of early season salmon fishing and it was a delight to fish in the same team with the Professor Frode Olderkjaer - a man of 2000++ salmon on the fly. It was very inspiring to see how simple things can be when you know what your doing. He had a very down to earth and simple method of fishing and I learned a lot from him.

The total for our four man fishing team was 15 fish, but it was mainly Frode that was doing the catching with 11fish!!! Needles to say I had a lot of fish handling to do and we released most of the fish.

My friend Ilkka caught the biggest of the week with a beutiful 11,5kg cock fish - he also caught a 9kg fish.

Yours truely caught a 8kg and 10kg fish, so all in all it was an ok week of fishing.

Here's a few pics and I'll be back in a while with more:

Midnight in the Gaula valley

Jani and Ike look concerned...

Jani and he's beloved Echo2 Scandi

Fishmaster ad

I caught one, I caught one!!!

0 degrees Celsius. We needed that fire!!

The professor playing a fish

The professor and something for the freezer.

My bar of silver

Sea lice anyone??

The Golden river
Breakfest time


Ike dragging the fish out from the "worm hole"

Beutiful blue sided fish