Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tying a tube...

Here's a shitty step by step on how to tie a "intruderish" tube fly. Can't tell you if it works or not? Probaply not:). Sorry about the bad quality pics.

Tie your thread to the tube:

Make a tag/butt with super bright red dubbing:

Tie some white bucktail reversed style. Keep it sparse:

Reverse it:

Repeat it on the other side of the tube and add in some flash:

Tie some peacock on both sides. I tie these also reversed as the seem to last longer that way:

Tie a collar from yellow(dyed) pheasant hackle:

Tie some lead wire on the front section of the tube:

Tie some Pearl flat braid or similar to the back section of the body:

Tie some Caddis green dubbing to the front section:

Tie some white bucktail as a wing the same way as we did the tail:

Add some green dyed amherst tail in the mix. Two strands on both sides:

Tie in a collar from yellow pheasant:

Secure and finish, add some glue and slide in a silver conehead:

The finished product and some...

Let me know what you think about these tubes and the step by step. Now it's time to dig in on that bottle...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is it about fly casting?

What is so addicting about casting a fly line? This is the question I've been asking myself lately.

I guess it has something to do with getting better at something you love to do and watching that loop unroll nicely in to the horizon. Or is it the agony of those bad days when you feel like this is the first time you've touched a fly rod and you got that feeling that it can only get better the next time you go out?

What ever the reason is, there's just something about casting a fly line and for me especially casting a spey cast with a double hander.

The down side to this addiction is that I have lost a lot of intrest in my local trout fishing. I basically only fish a spot where there's very few fish but lots of room to spey cast:) Which is kinda retarded. And most of my pike fishing is all about casting and spending time on the water and not so much about catching fish.

However...If (and when) I go to a fishery that really motivates me I don't think about casting at all. It's all about fishing and how to get that fish to bite. I couldn't care less about how my loops look like or am I doing something that shouldn't been done. So I'm not totally lost or one of those jokers who can just talk about loops and casting technique even when there's fish to be caught:)

Here's a few clips of my early season casting:

Well, now I'm off to the river again... I just wish this bloody winter would end as I'm itching to do some pike fishing.