Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tying a tube...

Here's a shitty step by step on how to tie a "intruderish" tube fly. Can't tell you if it works or not? Probaply not:). Sorry about the bad quality pics.

Tie your thread to the tube:

Make a tag/butt with super bright red dubbing:

Tie some white bucktail reversed style. Keep it sparse:

Reverse it:

Repeat it on the other side of the tube and add in some flash:

Tie some peacock on both sides. I tie these also reversed as the seem to last longer that way:

Tie a collar from yellow(dyed) pheasant hackle:

Tie some lead wire on the front section of the tube:

Tie some Pearl flat braid or similar to the back section of the body:

Tie some Caddis green dubbing to the front section:

Tie some white bucktail as a wing the same way as we did the tail:

Add some green dyed amherst tail in the mix. Two strands on both sides:

Tie in a collar from yellow pheasant:

Secure and finish, add some glue and slide in a silver conehead:

The finished product and some...

Let me know what you think about these tubes and the step by step. Now it's time to dig in on that bottle...

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