Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pike fishing and beer...

Spend the weekend a few weeks back with my friends in Särkisalo which is at the southwest corner of Finland by the Baltic Sea. Had a very, very fun time fly fishing for pike, eating mediocre food and drinking lots of beer and red wine.

Mother nature was not cooperative with us because the weather was terrible the first two days we were there, but that's okay cause it left more time for you know what... DRINKING!:).

Even though our time on the water was limited we had about 30 small pikes in the boat that weekend so it was not that bad fishing wise eather. I really enjoy pike fishing, but don't have any real passion for it - it's more of a pass time then a real passioned sport for me. Still it's the best fishing we got here in southern Finland and that makes me a bit sad...

Here's a few pics of the trip.

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