Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring pike

The spring pike season has been short but good. We were iced out later this year then in the previous five. The conditions have been windy and cold for the most part. The name of the game has been to put on as many layers of clothes as you can. Se there's been a lot of people on the water looking like the Michelin man. Not the conditions I prefer as every year that I get older the more "allergic" I get to the cold. This is the second year in a row that most of my spring time piking has been done in pretty arctic conditions.

Michelin man at work

The fishing however has been fantastic! Me and my buddies have stumbled on spots full of bigger fish. I don't remember seeing and hooking up with so many big pike in quite some time. The landing percentage has been poor and all the really big fish have been victims of the infamous "long line release". Lots of fish around the 100cm mark have been landed though.

Sami with a beauty. 

Fishing a floating line right in the reeds or a intermediate just pass the reed line or in the center of the area have all worked. The key at this time is to fish the fly slowly with long stops. The stop&go method is the most productive way to fish pike this time of the year. Or at least it is for me. The take happens usually when you move the fly after the long stop. The other thing this time of the year is to take your time fishing a spot. If you find the sweet spot with fish, take your time fishing it. Many times you get only follows or other signs that the fish are there, but no bites. Then it's good to change flies. Try different colors. Let the spot rest and just make a few casts here and there. When the fish start biting, they will let you know. Have fun in the process and don't take it too seriously.

My top four flies this season.

The highlight of this spring so far has been my buddies new PB fish. Kimmo caught this 12kg fish on one of he's beautiful roach patterns. The back on the mama was thick. Girl had some muscle! The level of fly tiers and fly fisherman I get to fish with is amazing. The best in the world.

What a pig!

I also take on or two fish to eat this time of the year. Pike tacos have been the other highlight of this season. They are so good.

I am a very lazy photographer when I am pike fishing. I seldom take pics and only carry a old waterproof and my cell phone with me. Fortunately my buddies have taken a few good shots so I am going to end this post with some more pics from this spring. Sami Passoja, me and Kimmo Keskitalo get the photo credits. I got other stuff to do for the next three weeks, but back at the post spawn pikes in mid may I hope.


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