Monday, September 5, 2011

Airflo's skagit switch compact head

Last week I started test driving my new skagit switch head (420gr) for the up and coming VI trip. When I first got it out of the box I was instantly impressed about the ready made loops on it, they are very well made.

I matched it with a #7 Echo SR switch rod and it worked perfectly on it. It worked really well with all types of casts and was a pleasure to use. Tight loops and very good distance when you want it and precision and control even with heavy tips and large flies when the need arises. This is a bizarre line in a way that you can get very good distance from it without having a D-loop? You can just lift it, turn it and shoot it out 20m+ while having the line + tip in front of you in the water? It also flies very well with an overhead cast so it seems like its a real do it all line.

I tried it with many tips ranging from a floater to a 16' T-11 tip. To my somewhat suprise it worked very well with everything? Most of the skagit's that I've used this far don't perform very well with a floating tip, so this was a very nice suprise. A nice suprise was also that it could handle a 16' T-11 tip with a 5" flash fly - I would have guessed that the 420gr would have been too light for tips like that, but I guess I was wrong.

I caught a bunch of pike on it, so the cats were happy about the new line too:)

A very nice line that I assume will give me a lot of fish in BC...

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  1. I bought 360gr version for my #5 Echo SR but had only little time to test it before the winter hit us hard. First impressions were very positive, the line will be used heavily coming season.