Friday, September 2, 2011

In preparation...

I have been working hard on preparing for my up and coming BC, Canada trip. This time we are heading to the northern parts of Vancouver island ( around Port Mcneill) to fish for chrome salmon and steelhead.

There's been a lot of fly tying and line winding going on lately and I still got lots of flies to be tied. Thank god I don't have to buy any gear for this trip apart from the odd tippet spool.

I have a few switch rods, one #8 single hander and one #9 single hander ready to go. One Galvan T-12, a Danielsson H5D, a Vision XLA 9/10, a Colton Torrent 9/11 and a brand new Echo Ion 8/10 reel ready to fight those amazing fish. So there's room for gear failure. In the past when fishing for Pacific salmon we have broken a lot of gear and I really think that this fishing is the ultimate test for fly gear. If a product can make it there it can make it anywhere! I'm especially intrested in seeing how the new Echo Ion reel will perform.

Oh well, off to tie some flies again...

Ps. Only three weeks to go!!!

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